Ordering Instruction

1、Please specify your product name, article number, packing specifications, order quantity, purchase unit, operator name, phone number and fax number on the order form. We’ll arrange the consignment within 5 working days after receiving your fax of the purchase order.

2、Please contact our marketing department if you have special requests in packaging specifications, we will do the utmost to meet your requirements.

3、Contact Information:

Sales & Ordering consultation:

Tel: 021-60705091(Straight line)、021-60838199(Switchboard)and extension 8012;

Fax: 021-60705090。

Technology helpline: 021-60838199(Switchboard)and extension 8011 or direct contact with our technical engineer.

About Packing Specification

1、7180 series packaging apply to: Hitachi 7100/7170/7080/7180/7600, Beckman AU400/480/600/640/680/2700/5421/5431/5800, Siemens ADVIA1800/2400, etc.

2、7060 series packaging apply to: Hitachi 7060/7150, Beckman AU800/1000, AEROSET 2000/C16000/C8000/C4000, Toshiba 2000FR/120FR/40FR, Shimadzu 8000, etc.

3、Beckman special package apply to: Beckman CX, LX, DXC, AU, etc.

4、Also provides: Mindray BS120/200/300/330/380/400/500/800, Roche modular, cobas c111/c311/c501/c502/c701, Kehua ZY350/360/400/450, Hitachi 7020, Dirui CS-6400/1600/1200/800B/600B, etc.

About Calibration and Quality control Product

Calibration and quality control products are provided free of charge together with the sample assembly when the user puts on the new project adjustment machine for the first time. In other cases, the calibration and quality control products needed to be ordered.