Strategic cooperation signing with Thermo Fisher Scientific


On July 24, 2019, Thermo Fisher Scientific (hereinafter referred to as Thermo Fisher) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Reigncom Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Reigncom). With Thermo’s technical advantage in the field of clinical mass spectrometry, committed to cooperating in the research and development of clinical mass spectrometer and kit, Thermo Fisher and Reigncom will jointly promoting the application and development of mass spectrometry technology in accurate clinical testing in China, so as to better serve accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Contractors: Bradley Hart (left of the front row), Zhang Xiuwen (right of the front row)

From the left of the back row: Li Li, Li Jianfeng, Wu Bin, Li Weiqi, Wang Hualiang

Thermo Fisher has been paying close attention to the clinical diagnosis and medical treatment. Along with the expansion of mass spectrometry in the field of inspection, Thermo Fisher's overall layout takes full advantage of production line to clinical examination, converting advanced analysis techniques to diagnostic techniques, taking accurate diagnosis as an important link in the whole process of precision medical treatment, hoping better serving the Chinese clinical test market. Thermo Fisher’s advantage of mass spectrometry research and development technology, combined with Reigncom’s strength of reagent research and development and understanding of Chinese clinical diagnosis industry, they can develop and register instruments and reagents that suitable for Chinese medical institutions, provide high quality and easy to use overall solution, jointly promote the application and development of clinical mass spectrometry for the benefit of all Chinese.

Mr. Jeff Li, Vice President, Commercial Operations, CMD China said: ‘Thermo Fisher has been working in China for more than 30 years, mainly focusing on the business of life science, analytical instruments, freezing electron microscopy and integrated laboratory diagnostic solutions. In addition, continuous PM2.5 monitoring instruments have basically achieved full coverage in China. One of the core businesses in China is chromatography and mass spectrometry, which accounts for a quarter of all business. As a cutting-edge technology in clinical detection, mass spectrometry will have a broader prospect in the future. At this stage, Thermo will firmly grasp the development trend of the industry and make contributions to the health cause of China with the strong support of the government to the health industry.’

Mr. Bradley Hart, Senior Director, Clinical Vertical Marketing, CMD said: ‘Thermo Fisher has been committed to product innovation and maintained a leading position in the field of mass spectrometry and brought value to customers. This cooperation will give further play to Thermo Fisher's advantages in the field of mass spectrometry, provide help to solve the challenges faced by Reigncom and help the development of the mass spectrometry industry.’

Mr. Li Weiqi, Chairman of Reigncom said: ‘It’s a great honor to have the strategic cooperation with Thermo Fisher Scientific, we share a common vision and complementary possibility in the MS field.  With the help of Thermo Fisher’s leadership in the field of clinical mass spectrometry, especially the advantages in instruments, and combine our reagent R&D strength, we can jointly expand the broad market. We’ve not only established industry-leading and high standard R&D lab in Shanghai, but also subsidiary and lab of reagent R&D in the Silicon Valley. I believe we will sure promote the application of MS in Chinese clinical examination, especially in the accurate diagnosis and treatment. We’ll lead the industry to better development and contribute to the realization of healthy China 2030.’

This strategic cooperation has gotten strong support from Minhang district government, especially the science and technology commission, Shanghai hi-tech investment management Co., Ltd. and eager attention of Shanghai science and technology commission, Shanghai science and technology entrepreneurship center, Shanghai clinical laboratory center, Minhang district market supervision administration and medical examination industry branch of national association of enterprise management of health industry. Mr. Wu Bin, Deputy head of Minhang District People’s government, Ms. Li Li, Director of Minhang district science and technology commission, Mr. Wang Hualiang, Director of Shanghai clinical laboratory center, Ms. Yu Manlei, Deputy researcher of biomedicine branch of Shanghai science and technology commission, Mr. Zhang Guozhong, Deputy director of Shanghai science and technology entrepreneurship center, Mr. Gu Jianping, Deputy director of Minhang district science and technology committee, Ms. Wang Lefei, Deputy director of Minhang district market supervision administration and Mr. Song Haibo, President of medical examination industry branch of national association of enterprise management of health industry had attended and witnessed the signing. Mr. Bradley Hart and Mr. Zhang Xiuwen, Trustee, Vice-general Manager of Reigncom had signed the strategic cooperation agreements on behalf of both sides while 14 representatives including Mr. Jeff Li and Mr. Li Weiqi had attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

A brief discussion was held before the signing. The leaders and experts expressed their strong support for the strategic cooperation between the two sides and put forward a lot of reasonable suggestions while looking forward to a bright future. Mr. Wu Bin pointed out that biomedical project is highly professional and high-tech, which is one of the leading industries in our country and also in the leading industry position in Shanghai. Minhang district government will respond positively and follow the national policy, promote the project in this field with multi-layout, reasonable positioning and active planning. Through the signing ceremony he had more deeply realized that the project is a good starting point of Pujiang biomedical development. The government will provide the service as the carrier, actively coordinate the communication like a " bartender". The administration, association and enterprise should become comrades in the same trenches, commonly pay attention to and support the development of industry. Although the cooperation is still in its initial stage, he believes that after hard cultivation in the next few years, it will explode into a strong vitality and propel the great health cause of our country forward.

After the signing, a group photo was taken and the signing ceremony ended in a warm and cheerful atmosphere. The leaders and experts went to Reigncom MS laboratory to visit and guide.

About Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific (NYSE: TMO) is a world leader in the scientific services field. The company has annual sales of more than $24 billion and employs about 70,000 people worldwide. The company's mission is to help customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer, help customers accelerate life science research, solve complex analytical problems and challenges, promote the development of medical diagnostics, accelerate drug marketing and improve laboratory productivity. With the help of the leading brands Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services, Thermo leads in combining innovative technologies, convenient procurement solutions and comprehensive Services.

About Thermo Fisher Scientific China

Thermo has been developing in China for more than 35 years. It is headquartered in Shanghai and has set up branch offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Shenyang, Xi 'an, Nanjing, Wuhan, Kunming and some other places with about 4500 employees. The products mainly include analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, reagents, consumables and software, etc., providing comprehensive laboratory solutions for customers in all walks of life.

To meet the demand of the Chinese market, there are eight factories operating in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou and Guangzhou, etc. They have set up 7 application development centers and demonstration laboratories in China, bringing world-class cutting-edge technologies and products to Chinese customers and providing application development and training services. The China innovation center in Shanghai combines the needs of the Chinese market with advanced foreign technologies to develop technologies and products suitable for China. With maintenance service outlets all over the country and a specially established Chinese technical training team, there are more than 2,400 professionals in the country to directly provide services to customers