Product List
Anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody

Short name:CCP

Detection method:Latex enhanced immunoturbidimetry

Packaging specifications:Various

Ordering Guide

①: The product packaging is suitable for mainstream models such as Hitachi, Abbott, Siemens, Roche, Beckman, Toshiba, Deere, Mindray, Kehua and so on.

②: High sensitivity, high specificity and strong anti-interference ability.

Clinical Significance

CCP antibody has a fairly high specificity and sensitivity for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) (68%~75%), and even in early RA patients, the sensitivity is 40%~60%. Some scholars believe that CCP antibody is not only an indicator for early diagnosis of RA, but a sensitive indicator to distinguish erosive RA from non-erosive RA. People with positive CCP antibody usually have or are prone to develop more serious joint bone destruction than those with negative antibody. Anti-ccp antibody as a marker for early diagnosis and progression of RA disease shows a good prospect. Anti-ccp antibody is mainly IgG antibody, with a specificity of about 96% for RA, and can be positive in the early stage of RA, with a high positive predictor. In addition, anti-ccp antibodies can distinguish between invasive and non-invasive joint diseases. Combined detection of anti-ccp antibody and RF is of great significance for the diagnosis and prognosis of RA. In patients with confirmed RA, those who are positive for anti-ccp are more likely to develop multiple joint injuries than those who are negative.

Inspecting Principle

The kit uses the basic principle of latex enhanced immune turbidimetry, ring citrulline peptide bond BSA adsorption on the latex particle, make through incubation dilution of specific antibody in the serum and the antigen in the reagent, after incubation, the absorbance change is proportional to the specific antibody concentration in the test sample.