Product List

Short name:PCT

Detection method:Latex enhanced immunoturbidimetry

Packaging specifications:Various

Ordering Guide

①: The product packaging is suitable for mainstream models such as Hitachi, Abbott, Siemens, Roche, Beckman, Toshiba, Deere, Mindray, Kehua and so on.

②: High sensitivity, high specificity and strong anti-interference ability.

Clinical Significance

Procalcitonin is a glycoprotein composed of 116 amino acids that is a propeptide of hormone-free calcitonin. The increase of serum PCT is closely related to bacterial infection, which can be increased in the early stage of systemic and severe systemic infection, and decreased after antibiotic treatment and control. In patients with viral infection and local bacterial infection without systemic manifestations, PCT increased only slightly. PCT has been used as an important predictor of systemic seere infection or sepsis.

Inspecting Principle

The method was emulsion - enhanced immunoturbidimetry. When polyclonal antibodies are applied to latex granules, the tested antigen in the patient's serum (or standard) binds to the antibody on the latex surface in the buffer, cross-linking the latex granules with each other and increasing the turbidity of the solution. Within a certain range, the turbidity of the reaction liquid is linearly correlated with the amount of the measured antigen.