Product List
Angiotensin converting enzyme

Short name:ACE

Detection method:Continuous monitoring method

Packaging specifications:Various

Ordering Guide

①: The product packaging is suitable for mainstream models such as Hitachi, Abbott, Siemens, Roche, Beckman, Toshiba, Deere, Mindray, Kehua and so on.

②: High sensitivity, high specificity and strong anti-interference ability.

Clinical Significance

ngiotensin converting enzyme elevates: seen in sarcoidosis, tuberculosis, liver cirrhosis, acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, iris inflammation, immune mother cell sarcoma, etc.

Decrease: seen in asthma, acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, spontaneous pneumothorax, pulmonary fibrosis, adult respiratory distress syndrome, etc.

Inspecting Principle

Under ACE catalysis, FAPGG was hydrolyzed into FAP and GG. The absorbance decreased at the wavelength of 340nm, and within a certain range, the rate of absorbance decrease was proportional to the ACE activity in the samples.