Shanghai Reach Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.

Invested and established by medical industry investors, experts and senior marketing, management elites, Shanghai Reach mainly focus on medical examination, third-party logistics and relevant services, distribution of clinical test equipment and reagent consumables, large laboratory co-construction and so on.

Business area

(1)Medical examination, third-party logistics and relevant services: logistics distribution of IVD reagents and related consumables, information-based service for laboratory, related research collaboration.

(2)Distribution of clinical test equipment and reagent consumables: all kinds of equipment including large automatic biochemical analyzer, chemiluminescence inspection equipment, class III and class V blood count instruments and related components, consumables and reagents.

(3)Building of district and above level hospitals’ central laboratories: providing international advanced level of automated laboratory assembly line, advanced laboratory management system for making inspection data in high-mobility and self-management model, complete community, small, medium hospital laboratory specimen collection programs, regional inspection data management system to achieve the mutual recognition of inspection results, first-class inspection expert team in the project development, scientific research and other aspects of technical support, training, learning and exchange opportunities in relevant departments and laboratories of famous hospitals at home and abroad and assistance to hospital laboratories with ISO or CAP certification.

Professional team

All the staff have university degree or above with have medical, biological, marketing management and other relevant professional background.

Core management personnel have many years of clinical testing equipment and reagent consumables marketing management experience, a number of international famous brand medical testing products successful agency experience and ability, rich team management experience and ability with a number of hospitals long-term good form of project cooperation experience, experience and strength.

Marketing concept  Common development leads to mutual benefit.

Vision to become a first-class service provider in the industry.

Quality commitment. Domestic and abroad well-known manufacturers products, standardized, strict, ethical operation management system, ensuring that we provide every partner with fair, efficient, quality assurance solutions and quality assurance, which will always be improving.

24 hours non-stop service, meet customer needs at any time

Medical inspection third-party logistics distribution

●  Third party logistics: Professional outsourcing delivery services provided by service providers specialized in logistics distribution other than hospitals and manufacturers. Undertaking long-term stable supply and management service of all consumables of the hospital laboratory.

● Hospital procurement status quo: Large number of suppliers, including dozens to hundreds of manufacturers and agents leading to difficult management. Thousands of products making management complex.

Product price is chaotic and hospital lacks relatively complete industry market information. Disorder of product inventory management will be easy to cause scrap or out of stock. Department personnel are busy with all kinds of sales personnel, consuming a lot of time and energy. Asset management is flawed. The professional inspection medical products make it difficult for hospitals to effectively control the overall cost.

The risks of laws and regulations are relatively large, especially the extensive management of medical device license, and unfair competition traps exist.

●  Realization of third-party logistics distribution: The hospital and the third-party logistics distribution company sign a long-term logistics distribution agreement. The distribution company can reduce the overall operating cost of the hospital without changing the use habits of the hospital. Distribution companies can set up warehouses in the hospital, providing unified supply to achieve zero inventory of reagents and related consumables. With a modern ERP information system, the hospital can complete the order, view, acceptance, statistics and other real-time functions. The modern logistics distribution is safe, timely, accurate and effective. The hospital management department only needs one supply channel to facilitate unified management. The relevant registration certificates and license documents will be filed in strict accordance with the regulations on the management of medical devices, and the relevant agreements be submitted to the hospital for filing after being reviewed by the legal consultant.

●  Benefits of third-party logistics distribution: Procurement object turn from diversification to centralized, no more worry and trouble. Procurement varieties turn from uneven to standardized and the quality is guaranteed. Information management turn from sporadic to systematic with service level improved. The overall operation cost of the hospital changed from high to low, and the benefit is changed from small to large. Hospital funds input is changed from input into less or zero and the management will be stable and orderly. Legal and regulatory risks will be complete avoided. The professional team assisted the hospital to complete the dynamic and complicated device management. With fewer staff, experts and professionals can devote more energy and time to their professional fields and focus on the development of their subjects.

●  It is reported that 70% of hospitals in the United States adopt third-party logistics, and hundreds of hospitals in China have started to try. After adopting third-party logistics, the operating cost can be reduced by 60%, service level can be increased by 60%, core business can be concentrated 56%, employees can be reduced by 40%.

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