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TitleSales director

【Major Duties】

1、Complete various assessment indicators and work tasks assigned by superiors.

2、Responsible for the bidding of market access in the region and above, and ensure the winning bid of all products.

3、Formulated personnel construction plans within the jurisdiction and assessment plans for subordinate business personnel.

4、Formulated annual and monthly sales forecast and annual meeting budget of the district

5、Responsible for implementing the company's marketing strategies and tactics.

6、Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


1、Major in laboratory medicine, biochemistry, medical devices, marketing, etc., college degree or above.

2、At least 5 years’ experience in biochemical reagent sales or team management.

3、Having distribution channels and terminal customer resources of automatic biochemical analyzer and auxiliary reagent products is preferred.

4、Diligent and enterprising with strong execution.


【Title】Regional sales manager

【Major Duties】

1、 Completed sales targets and tasks assigned by superiors.

2、Visited end users in the jurisdiction, influenced and persuaded whom to use our products.

3、Responsible for various bidding work within the jurisdiction.

4、Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


1、Major in medicine, medical equipment, marketing, etc., junior college degree or above, loving sales work, have marketing thinking.

2、Sales experience of in vitro diagnostic biochemical reagent products or customer resources is preferred.

3、Diligent, self-motivated with good public relations skills.


【Title】Technical support engineer (IVD reagent and biochemical products)

【Major Duties】

1、Cooperate with sales staff to make technical preparations before customers using our products;

2、Provide technical consultation and training for the company's products;

3、Solve customers' problems;

4、Do market research in the service region, and fill in the market research form truly and completely;

5、Assist sales to implement marketing activities;

6、Participate in the planning, organization and preparation of corporate activities and other related work;

7、Regular technical visits to major customers in the area and established good customer service relations;

8、Collect product information and user feedback, and timely report to superiors;

9、Assisting in the preparation of relevant technical materials


1、Laboratory medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, medical device or other related fields, junior college or above.

2、At least two years of technical support experience in automatic biochemical analyzer or in vitro diagnostic reagent.

3、Strong operational ability of automatic biochemical instrument and good oral expression ability.


【Title】Marketing specialist

【Major Duties】

1、Market research and market information collection, statistics and analysis.

2、Submit the evaluation of the effectiveness of various marketing policies implemented by the headquarters to the superiors.

3、Promote the market and products.

4、Assist the site of all meeting affairs.

5、Responsible for the design, proofreading, printing and unified distribution of publicity materials.

6、Responsible for the storage and distribution of conference equipment and conference gifts.

7、Responsible for the statistics of the conference, and report to the marketing manager regularly.

8、Responsible for the preservation and inquiry of historical archives of the conference.


1、Major in marketing, laboratory medicine, biotechnology, medicine, etc.

2、Good image and temperament, 1.62 meters above.

3、Careful, responsible, strong communication skills.


【Title】R&D engineer (IVD reagent and biochemical products)

【Major Duties】

1、Responsible for the company's R&D plan and complete according to the schedule.

2、Participate in new product registration and declaration.

3、Responsible for technical performance improvement of old products.


1、Major in laboratory medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, etc., bachelor degree or above.

2、Familiar with the principle and technology of IVD reagent.

3、Have enthusiasm for research and development, and relatively independent product development ability and innovation ability.


【Title】QC specialist

【Major Duties】

1、Responsible for the inspection of raw materials, packaging materials, intermediate products and finished products.

2、Responsible for environmental monitoring of the clean area and test of the whole performance of purified water.

3、Responsible for purchasing, processing, preparation, standardization, storage, registration, issuance and management of samples, quality control products and tested bacteria.

4、Participate in the preparation of inspection procedures and related SOP documents.

5、Complete relevant records on time.


1、Major in laboratory medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, etc., junior college degree or above.

2、Familiar with the basic operation methods of biochemical laboratory, understand the relevant regulations of ISO13485 quality management, and have the experience of automatic biochemical analyzer operation is preferred.

3、Diligent, rigorous and principled.


【Title】Production technician

【Major Duties】

1、Work according to management rules and post SOP.

2、Familiar with the production process and principle of relevant products.

3、Independently responsible for the production of related products, and completed the production tasks as planned.

4、Complete production and equipment use records on time, and complete ledger and electronic ledger in time.


1、Major in medicine, biology, biotechnology, biological engineering, biochemistry, etc., junior college degree or above.

2、Careful, responsible and time-sensitive.